About Nastasia Gendreau

I was born in France and spent my formative years in  Brittany. I later moved to the Netherlands where I spent a number of years. I subsequently traveled through Asia and Africa and have now settled in the Caribbean.

During my time in the Netherlands I spent 4 years studying the art of jewelry making  at De Vakschool in Shoonhoven considered “THE” Goldsmith school.

I started making jewelry as a small child with nothing more than sea shells, but I would forget to clean them out which added another dimension – a terrible odor.  It wasn’t a success yet!

As time went on I discovered fimo clay and began making strange shaped necklaces full of vivid colors. They were more like shirt collars and yet they aroused interest and I started to get requests for custom made pieces. I still wasn’t aware that the craft of a Goldsmith existed.

When I did, almost by accident, and, there was a school to teach the art, I knew this would be my vocation.

This pursuit took me back to France (Paris this time) where I was privileged to fulfill an internship with the legendary jewelry and glass designer Agathe Saint-Girons.  I worked from my home  temporarily and now also work out of a studio in Curacao.

The more I commit to my work the more inspiration I have. Anything and everything around can inspire me;  A thought, shape, color, fashion, nature or maybe even a feeling..

I’m always attracted to what we largely term as Ethnic design because when one sees it is handmade and understands the techniques used you can often recognize it’s origin and invariably tells a story.