The tantalizing energy of this collection is that of a lover’s touch; like a summers breeze on the skin and a raging fire within. An indescribable feeling, à fleur de peau.

The individuality of each and every stone’s colour and form imbues a remarkable energy on those who wear it

The collection consists of a melange of Gold & Silver, which enhance the natural beauty of the gems.

Unique pieces which are created to illuminate each individual who adorns it.



This collection started from an idea that the strong independent woman might display her confidence through her jewelry.
The pieces are inspired by a variety of both arms and armor thus serving as weapons or shields. Of course I am not suggesting that they should be used as weaponry but to inspire ones sense of strength. A protection to the demands of modern daily life


This is a tribute to my French heritage especially Brittany where I grew up and will always remain very close to my heart.
Its rugged landscape and wild coastline standing proud against the power of the sea.


(meaning journey in Wolof- Language spoken in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania)
My inspiration came through my travels in North and West Africa.In particular the use of shapes and patterns in their jewelry.
Besides being ornamental, there are pieces made for a purpose such as the poison rings used to place their prayers in.


This was Izao’s first collection.
Working off my bench in my living room with very few tools wasn’t ideal but during my travels I saw what could be achieved with few resources and those left over pieces of silver I’d kept since school would be given a makeover and a new lease of life.