Collaborations & selling points

Lennebelle & Izao

Lenneke and I met a decade ago when we were both working in a restaurant. We were both already working on jewelry but in different ways. Len knows so much about the (for me) other side of the job! Marketing. But also has beautiful ideas and makes lovely pieces.
A few years ago we started thinking about a collaboration and a little later Lenneke asked me to help her create a collection filled with gems, the “You rock my world” collection.
Lenneke came with the idea and concept and I made the pieces.

This collection is for sale on her website at

A new project is on it’s way so keep an eye out!

Nen Xavier

If you are in Rotterdam (NL) searching for amazing clothes, look no further!
Nen Xavier has it all. From designers fashion to vintage… He’ll help you assemble the prettiest outfits.
And yes, I’m proud to tell you that Izao jewelry is a part of Nen’s collection.

So if you want to see the pieces in real life, try some on you know where to go!

Pannekoekstraat 62a, 3011 LJ Rotterdam
 +31 1 02 13 30 08