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madeira 3 001 004 008 015 020 024 madeira 1
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Méni & Méti


Beautiful asymetric pair of earrings.
Flying from your ears, Like little comets…

Materials: Silver 925, Gold 14kt & Madeira Citrine

Sold out!


Named after the daughters of Orion. Menippe & Metioche wear given their beauty by Athena. They were transformed into comets after their sacrifice…
Like sisters, this pair of earrings is bond by color and shape but each one is unique.

A one of a kind pair of earrings.
The Citrine kites are set in silver and adorned with a little gold drop. While the one is an ear stud the other hangs from a little chain with a gold hook to keep her in place.

Madeira Citrine is also called “the gemstone of merchants.” Rich assets will make even more assets. It is an amulet to control the cycle of wealth. It will help to get out of stagnant period. It is a good gemstone to clear off negative energy.