Delicate hammered ring with rose cut Welo Opal in a textured silver coat and gold drops. Opals contain the wonders of the skies – sparkling rainbows, fireworks, and lightning.

Materials: Silver 925, yellow & rosé gold 14kt and rose cut Wel Opal

Size : 55 Fr (size conversion chart)

Opal is said to be the October birthstone and is associated to the Libra Zodiac sign.

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One of a kind silver ring with rose cut Welo Opal and gold drops.
We try to stay true to the real color of the gemstones but due to the fire of the opal it is really hard to capture all the hues. In real life this stone shows even more colors and appears more translucide. Don’t hesitate to check our instagram for more pictures!

The presence of inclusions and imperfections are natural and add to the character and allure of our pieces.

Care: This little precious isn’t meant for heavy duty! You can wear it daily but always be careful when wearing gemstones jewelry. For extra information about how to take care of our jewelry visit our Jewelry Care page.

Opal hardness is variable depending on its exact composition and formation conditions, and ranges from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Its toughness is very poor to fair, making opal a gem that is suitable for jewelry but requires care when wearing so as to not scratch or break the stone.