Cool and warm at the same time, like a sunset in the Arizona desert on a winter’s day.

Materials: Silver 925, gold 14kt, Oval cut Prasiolite and cabochon Amber.

Size : 56 Fr (size conversion chart)



One of a kind silver ring with oval cut Prasiolite in prongs, cabochon Amber and gold drops.

The presence of inclusions and imperfections are natural and add to the character and allure of our pieces.

Care: This little precious isn’t meant for heavy duty! You can wear it daily but always be careful when wearing gemstone jewelry. For extra information about how to take care of our pieces, visit the Jewelry Care page.

Prasiolite also known as green Amethyst is heated Amethyst, therefore it’s a variety of Quartz, it scores 7 on the Mohs scale which is suitable for use in jewelry. Amber is fossilized tree resin.