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For those who see jewelry as an ornament, a way to distinguish oneself, to be unique.


It must last a lifetime and beyond. For this reason I use mostly (recycled) gold, silver and natural gems. I am fascinated with gemstones and how they emerge from our planet . Quality does not have to equal purity. Whereas ‘mainstream’ jewelers will insist on 100% purity for me they are missing out on those vital totally individual characteristics that a gem will hold.


I see the jewelry as an ornament, a way to distinguish yourself, to be unique.  A jewel with a certain “message” should always look beautiful and attractive to you. It must be comfortable to wear of course…


This is very personal, it may depend on how it came into your possession. Whether it was bought for you, or perhaps you purchased it yourself.
Maybe it was love at 1st sight (my favourite) Possibly a shape or colour evokes a memory of something or someone special.