Eternal Impression Kit


Introducing the Eternal Impression Kit: Craft timeless mementos effortlessly. Preserve the unique imprints of your loved ones or pets with ease, transforming them into beautiful silver pendants. Choose from three elegant designs and receive all the essentials for a flawless imprint. As a dedicated goldsmith, each pendant is meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy (the size of the pendant will be approximately 1 cm). And fear not—the original mold is returned with your jewelry, allowing for future recreations.
If you would like to include an engraved letter on the back of the pendant, please specify a single letter during checkout. This letter will be hand-engraved, ensuring a unique and organic touch to your pendant.


Capture the essence of your loved ones or cherished pets with the Eternal Impression Kit. This all-inclusive kit provides everything you need to create a lasting memento in the form of a beautiful silver pendant.

What’s Included:

High-quality impression material for capturing detailed imprints
Easy-to-follow instructions for creating perfect impressions
A prepaid return envelope for sending back your completed impression.

How It Works:

Choose Your Design: Select one of the three elegant pendant designs when you purchase the kit from the webshop.
Create Your Impression: Use the provided materials to take an impression of your loved one’s hand, footprint, nose or even a paw print.
Send It Back: Place the completed impression in the prepaid return envelope and send it back to me.
Receive Your Pendant: As a dedicated goldsmith working alone, I will personally transform your impression into a stunning silver pendant, preserving your precious memory forever.

Design Options:

Option 1: A classic circular pendant featuring a few delicate drop accents for a subtle, elegant touch.
Option 2: A circular pendant similar to Option 1 but with additional drops arranged differently, providing a more intricate and ornate design.
Option 3 (Random): A custom pendant crafted in a random shape inspired by the unique print you provide, ensuring a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Each pendant is a unique, handcrafted piece, meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and a beautiful finish. This technique preserves the original shape, making the pendant a faithful representation of the impression you created, not a negative of the imprint. It is a perfect gift or a treasured personal keepsake. Please expect up to 6 weeks from the time your print is received for delivery of the finished product.

Additional Benefits:

The original mold will be returned to you along with your finished jewelry, ensuring that if the piece is ever lost, a new one can always be made.
Order your Eternal Impression Kit today and create a timeless piece of jewelry that captures the ones you hold dear.