Jewel Rotterdam

The following pieces are exposed at Object Rotterdam from May 20 till 22

Dendritic poison ring

At the center of this exhibition, men jewelry.

I came across “prayer rings”in 2012 when I traveled through Senegal. Those rings were quite simple but big, often round, sometimes square. These rings are meant to hold little handwritten prayers by a Marabout (Muslim religious leader). It’s him who will tell where it needs to be worn. (Depending on the help you need it could be in a necklace or a bracelet, often made from goat leather.) The silver rings really got my attention, I found them mysteriously appealing, I finally  knew what they held and my mind got inspired by their purpose.

Back in Europe I started to make little box rings, also able to hold something special into it. I played with shape and decoration.

Recently I upgraded my design by addind a gemstone to the lid and a little hinge.

For Jewel Rotterdam I created this massive prayer/poison/locket ring with a beautiful Dendritic Quartz on top of it. It’s made of sterling silver and adorned with gold drops.

The Mangrove rings are part of Izao’s DNA.
The first one was created when I was living in the Caribbean, subconcionsly inspired by the environement…
All these beautiful and unique rings are first carved in wax and cast in silver or gold.

I have made plenty but each one remains unique.
I often mix materials and add colorful gemstones. This design as been used many time to recycle ones “old gold”, turning old fashion heirlooms into new favorites.

Vallis is an ode to the hilly and green ladscapes of northern Europe where Mangroves don’t grow!  Made from silver with a cabochon cut green Tourmaline and gold drops.

Mangrove Vallis

Printemps ring stack

Stack rings are also an Izao favorite! Mixing and matching… changing as moods go!
This Printemps stack shows the vastitude of the collection. All fitting into each other, but all different and unique.

Fine on their own, cute and tiny… becoming fierce when together, making a statement.
These colors reminded me of spring. The first flowers blooming, the sun finally showing again, days getting longer…
I put this stack together for the exhibition but they are not attached one to another. The whole point is to be able to change the combination whenever you feel like it!

Joki, Damla, Green Tourmaline baguette, Citrine marquise, Lupine

Les Danseuses were created for the occasion
A Pair of long gemstones ear pendants on silver hoops making them interchangable.
Because Change is inevitable… And how sad would it be to set your favorite jewelry aside at the end of a drawer because you weren’t in their mood for a while…

This opulent pair may not be your go to on a daily (I think it could though) but you can easily bring back to it’s opposite (calm and minimalist) by removing the glorious pendants!

Les Danseuses

Manis the 2nd

Talk about change! The utlimate 2 in 1 piece.

It started as a colorful bracelet but I soon realised it would also be gorgeous as a necklace. The bracelet was still a good idea though and I didn’t want to abondon the concept. Therefor I chose to make it multifunctional, like I did with the previous Manis. (The first can transform from a bracelet in a necklace by adding an anklet to it, a 3 in 1 piece of jewelry.)

For Manis II I created a back piece where you can attach the bracelet to for it to become a collar.

The piece is made of silver, gold adornements and gemstones ( all of which are natural and may hold some inclusions.)

(back piece: Moonstone and Rhodolite Garnet
Bracelet: yellow Tourmaline, Garnet, Citrine, Madeira Citrine, Madeira Citrine, Citrine, Prasiolite, green Tourmaline, bi-color Tourmaline, and 2 green Tourmalines.)

Jewel Rotterdam part of Object

Jewel.Rotterdam presents 30 Rotterdam based jewellery designers and students specialized in jewellery design at the Ad Arts & Crafts Hogeschool Rotterdam. Their collections will be displayed during the Art Rotterdam Week at OBJECT in the HAKA-building in the M4H section, from 20 – 22 May. OBJECT is a unique pop-up platform for designer labels.

The designers make unique handmade pieces, jewellery collections, classic and independent work, in highly diverse styles with a rich variety of materials. A selection of designers exhibit and trade (inter)nationally or just in the city and exhibit and trade through online stores. A few designers also have a shop in Rotterdam. For this occasion, everyone has designed a jewellery piece for men.
Additionally, lectures about jewellery for men will be hosted at the PHOEBUS • Rotterdam on 19 and 21 May at 19.45. The lectures will be held by Suzanne van Leeuwen, a jewellery conservator at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and fashion designer Gary Symor (19 May), Liesbeth den Besten, an art historian specialized in jewellery, and Iwan Klein, a silver and goldsmith specialized in signet rings (21 May). The lectures start at 19:45 and are free of charge. It is necessary to book in advance at
We will surprise by displaying a large image projection outside the Van Lanschot building on the Westersingel, dancers of the House of Urban Arts will show the jewellery of the designers of Jewel.Rotterdam. @houseofurbanarts. The service staff of restaurant Renilde in Het DEPOT will be wearing jewellery from the designers during the Rotterdam Art Week.

Jewel.Rotterdam is funded by: Stichting Droom en Daad, Rotterdam Festivals, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Bevordering Volkskracht en Gravin van Bylandt Stichting. Jewel.Rotterdam is onderdeel van de Rotterdam Art Week. For a complete overview see:
For more information and photos please send an email, or call Karin van Paassen.
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