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PSX_20220401_092631 PSX_20220331_175659

April Earrings


Sparkly must have (sold as a pair)

Materials: Gold 14kt, Diamonds (0,06ct)

Classic beauty!

Every month I create one or a few new “jewelry of the month” featuring the month’s gemstone.
In April it’s all about Diamonds!

(this list doesn’t take account of astrology, some zodiac signs may be associated with the same gem but it could also be different. As there are quite a few lists, I tend to follow this one to keep things uncomplicated. Of course, these gemstone don’t have to be worn only by people born on the associated month!)

Diamond is the April birthstone

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Timeless, cute, must have pair of Diamond studs.
Little sparkly beauties.

A true classic design which should be part of everyone’s private collection.
(Can be custom made with any other kind of gemstones. If interested in such a pair please get in touch!)