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Little painting like pendant.
A mother nature’s piece of art…

Materials: Silver 925 & dendritic Agate

Sold out!


This pendant is like a little painting.
Made of silver with a slice of dendritic Agate.

The hinge like connection gives this pendant a certain mobility.

Hand made and one of a kind!

‘Dendrites’, a Greek word for ‘tree-like’, are inclusions that appear organic due to their plant-like structure, but they are actually inorganic traces of iron or manganese. The iron and manganese ions gain access to the forming stone as weathering solutions from neighboring rock. The impurities crystallize inside the agate in branching formations seeping through fine surface fractures.

Often called the “Stone of Plenitude”, Dendritic Agate is associated with abundance, prosperity and growth – not just monetary, but in every aspect of one’s life. It can enhance one’s self-confidence and perseverance, as well as transform negative energies (both in the environment and the body) into positive energies.