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IMG_7763 001 006 003 chroom dio 2 chroom dio 4

Chroom Diopside Necklace


Fine unique and colorful necklace…

A kind of contemporary goddess necklace. Reminds me of the beautiful Egyptian collars the greatest queens used to wear.. (just saying ;))

Materials: Gold & Chroom Diopside beads on steel wire.

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Beautiful fine Chroom Diopside necklace.
All the little links are handcrafted in gold. The beads are 2mm facetted and a beautiful green color…

A one of a kind piece which will embelish every decolleté.

Chroom Diopside helps one to feel the joy of life even if one is severely overwhelmed and feels depressed. Diopside also helps to express feelings and enhances compassion. It also has the opposite effect; it can calm one’s emotions and help one find balance. It is said that diopside can increase intuition and help one follow one’s instincts.