Dendritic Poison ring


Poison/ prayer/ locket ring.

Materials: Silver 925, Gold drops, Dendritic Quartz slice

Size: 68 fr (size conversion chart)


Massive poison/ prayer or locket ring made of silver with a beautiful slice of Dendritic Quartz.
Made to hold your most precious amulette…

It’s part of the men collection and was created for Jewel Rotterdam’s exibithion held at Object between May 20 and 22.

Inspired by the prayer rings I discovered in Senegal in 2012. Extra precious with it’s gold ornaments.

Dendritic quartz is clear rock crystal with fern-like dendrite inclusions.
The dendrites are typically iron, manganese, or other metallic oxides and can be black, gray, brown or green, and in rare cases, red. A mineral into another one!