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January Garnet ring


A beautiful, fine and majestic ring.

Materials: Rhodolite Garnet, Gold 14kt

Size : 52 Fr (size conversion chart)

Every month I create one or a few new “jewelry of the month” featuring the month’s gemstone.
In January it’s all about Garnets!

(this list doesn’t take account of astrology, some zodiac signs may be associated with the same gem but it could also be different. As there are quite a few lists, I tend to follow this one to keep things uncomplicated. Of course, these gemstone don’t have to be worn only by people born on the associated month!)

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A beautiful warm pear cut Rhodolite Garnet in gold prongs and gold drops.
Pretty on her own, this ring will also make any stack look better!

A sparkly yet deep colored gemstone you can loose yourself into…
A revisited classic Izao design, handmade and one of a kind!