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IMG_9432-2 IMG_9434-2 IMG_9436-2 IMG_9447-2 IMG_9450-2 IMG_9452-2 topaz 2

London Blue Topaz Baguette


Elegant, fine silver ring with little London Blue Topaz baguette in gold setting and gold drops.
Wearing this gem feels like starring into a bright summer night…

Materials: Silver 925, Gold 14kt & London blue Topaz

Size : 53 Fr (size conversion chart)

Topaz is one of the December birthstones.

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Fine silver ring with a little Topaz baguette. This shade of blue is called “London Blue”.
This little gem is set in 14kt yellow gold and is adorned with 2 little gold drops. A one of a kind beauty.
You can wear this beauty on her own or stack her with some more pretty rings.

It is said London Blue Topaz is a gemstone that can enhance mental growth. It will encourage people to work hard and improve the owner’s skill. This gemstone may help you earn good knowledge and information effectively. London Blue Topaz looks cool and clear, but the power of it is very positive!

The presence of inclusions and imperfections are natural and add to the character and allure of the pieces.

Care: This little precious isn’t meant for heavy duty! You can wear it daily but always be careful when wearing gemstones jewelry. For extra information about how to take care of our jewelry visit our Jewelry Care page.