tarantella 1 Tarantella 1 Flam Taran 1
tarantella 1 Tarantella 1 Flam Taran 1
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Elegant and shiny ear pendants. Can be worn with different kind of hoops. These are also very cute in combination with other earrings!

Materials: Silver 925, Gold drops, rose cut Moonstone

The pendants are 1,5 cm long (without hoop)

One of a kind beauties. Dancing little queens making life feel like a party


Beautiful pair of ear pendants. The gemstones pendants can be removed from the hoops, allowing you to change pendants as your moods go.
Made of silver and gold with rose cut Moonstone. A delicate and pure vibe perfect for every occassion.

If you are looking to put some softness in your life this piece might be just for you!
No grey day could make you feel sad ever again with these beauties around your visage.

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Without hoops, With round hoops 12mm wide, With half round hoops 15mm wide