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Pearl and Fire Opal earrings

245.00 270.00 

Classic ear pendants with the Izao touch
Long, elegant and chic ear pendants. Can be worn with different kind of hoops.

Materials: Silver, gold drops, baroque Pearls, fire Opals

One of a kind beauties. Dancing little queens making life feel like a party

Pearls are June’s bithstone


If you like pearls but find them a little to classic for your taste, this might be the perfect pair for you!
The little fire opals give the pearl some punch and their bright color add some youth and joy to the pair.
Pearls are said to add light to the wearer’s complexion.

Pearls bring good fortune, they provide strength and emotional balance.
Fire opal is believed to help boost self-confidence in those who are shy. The stone’s fire is said to ignite their confidence and help them become less shy. Plus, the fire opal stone helps the wearer heal from bad memories associated with relationships, as well as encourage positivity and health within romantic relationships.

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Without hoops, With round hoops 12mm wide, With half round hoops 15mm wide